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with Blondie at Tagawa Gardens, 2003

Sandy has been playing music since she was old enough to lift the lid on the piano and pick out tunes by ear. "I played piano, guitar, mandolin, balalaika, harp, and Dobro--none well. In 1996, I started playing upright bass and found my true voice," she said. She's been playing professionally since 1998. She started teaching private bass lessons and music theory in January, 2004.

In the spring of 1994, Sandy wrote her first song. In the fall of 1994, she was a finalist in the Walnut Valley Songwriters' Showcase with her second song, "Cabin on the Prairie". Proving this was not a complete fluke, she was a finalist again in 1997 with "Apache Plume". She also co-wrote a collection of scary songs for children, "There's A Dead Boy in the Attic," with Patrick Bone, a Scholastic Book author. "I used to perform Halloween shows for kids until I became a real musician." A cowboy song, "One Lonely Rider," which she co-wrote with Ernie Martinez, was an alternate in the Walnut Valley Songwriters' Showcase in 2008. In 2010, her CD, "I Wanted to Fly," and her song, "Already Gone," were in the top 10 list for album and song in the May-June issue of Rope Burns, and were Western Music Association finalists for best Collaboration / Compilation Album and Best Original Song.

I Wanted to Fly.

It features 7 of her original songs and 7 of her co-written songs.

Her co-writers include B.J. Suter, J.J. Fraser, and Ernie Martinez. Ernie Martinez produced the CD and Jim Ratts was the recording engineer. Christy Wessler, B.J. Suter, J.J. Fraser, Jon Chandler, Bill Barwick, Brandy Herbert, Ernie Martinez, Jim Ratts, Bob Turner, Hannah Alkire, Michi Regier, Peter Schwimmer and others are on the recording.

I Wanted to Fly CD:  Sandy  Reay and Friends

Some of the songs have gotten airplay on:

Several of her songs have been recorded and released on various other CD's:

Prior to deciding she wanted to be a musician when she grew up, Sandy had a brief career as a photographer. She specialized in photographs of musicians and musical events, and was hired by performers and bands, festivals, agents, and record labels. Her work appeared in Bluegrass Now, Bluegrass Unlimited, Banjo Newsletter, and several other publications as well as on promo material and CD.

Sandy has been restoring furniture since she started spending the money she earned babysitting on used furniture from garage sales and thrift stores (before she could drive). In 2000, Sandy developed a mosaic collage technique using found objects and concrete mortar to disguise an ugly cinderblock retaining wall on her patio. In 2002, she discovered that technique adapts itself to furniture and accessories.

In the summer of 2001, Sandy discovered she has the power to help people heal, using energy released from her hands. She I did a lot of healing at Winfield, in 2001, following the 9/11 attack. "I wasn't convinced that it was for real, but folks I helped seemed to like it." She continued to do healing, and got encouragement from her friends and from folks she'd work on at various musical performances. In December, 2003, Sandy received her first and second level Reiki attunements, and became a level II Reiki practitioner.

Sandy built her first web page in 1998, for a course she taught at a local college. In 1999, she took over the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society website, and took it from less that 10 hits per month to over 26,000 hits per month. "I specialize in jokes and quotes." On Jan. 1, 2004, Sandy brought up AcousticByLines, a membership-driven site for all aspects of acoustic music. Since then, she has been building and revising web pages for other musicians, artists, alternative health care providers, and other small business owners. She also teaches private computer lessons.

In addition to teaching computer science at the college level and basic computer classes in an adult education program, Sandy was a computer programmer, systems analyst, data base administrator, Unix system administrator, consultant, beta tester, and technical writer for over 25 years. She has a B.A. in English with a minor in Education from the University of Colorado and a Masters of Computer Information Systems from the University of Denver.

At various times in her life, she raced cars, was a river rat, lived on a horse ranch in the mountains, bred collies, was married and divorced, was the first female gas station attendant in Colorado, worked on a drill rig, worked as a draftsman, packed boxes in warehouses, trained animals, worked in a liquor store, studied real estate appraisal, and worked for a lawyer. She's also done a lot of volunteer work, mostly for the Swallow Hill Music Association and Colorado Bluegrass Music Society. She still adopts homeless adult collies.

And, she's an Aries.

"Computer programmer to bass player.... quite a journey!" -- source unknown

In August, 2004, Sandy donated her waist-length hair to the "Locks of Love" program and decided to grow out her hair and donate it again (November, 2005) and again (May, 2008) and again (March, 2014).

"Thanks for visiting my web site." -- San

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sleeping in my sister's arms
My older sister was delighted with my arrival
wearing daddy's shoes
Hamming it up for the camera
posing in a tutu
Ballet wasn't my forte
singing at a hootenanny
My music career started in high school
wearing a green prom dress
High school prom — my date became an award-winning drag queen
with my first collie
H.S. graduation — my first collie, Lad, congratulates me
with my first college degree
Reaction to graduating from college
in a hippie wedding dress
Reaction to getting married
with a 1st place trophy and a big grin
Humble and reserved when I win
small collie pulling her weight
Dove has a job on the ranch
riding a bay quarter horse
After finding the bog in the meadow
in a lot of white water
Intrepid river rat
at the Winfield songwriters' showcase
With Mike Lantz and Bob Dick of Front Range in Winfield (my first time there)
in a bodice with Blondie
Renaissance Festival bass wench
At Sweet Fanny Adams
At Swallow Hill
Hansy, Sadie and Zapp
Caribbean Cruise
{mosaic background}