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"H"oly Box

Commissioned Wood Box

  • 12.5" wide
  • 4" high
  • 10" deep
  • wood
  • glass, porcelain, rocks, shells, glass, resin
    mosaic collage

Close-up of the box top with the stamped "H" and the cross.
The cross is painted, not jeweled or beaded.
The box is 9 1/2" deep and 2 5/8" high.

  custom decorative mosaic box - initial design
.Glued but not grouted--gives it a very busy look.   custom decorative mosaic box - glued, not grouted
.custom decorative mosaic box - top view   Voila: finished:
custom decorative mosaic box - front view
    Custom bird houses, boxes, and clocks
may be ordered.
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